Artist Tiffany Lawson provides solo exhibit at Ohio State College Club

Artist Tiffany Lawson shows a piece of her collection titled “Nickel Bags of Funk.”

From humble resources these as brown paper bags, plastic onion sacks, pillow stuffing, twigs and newspaper and journal clippings, Tiffany Lawson creates collage will work that notify stories.

1 piece pays homage to the south Columbus community where by she grew up. 1 retells the Exodus tale. And a further pays tribute to her mom as properly as a dozen other strong females.

All are on watch in “Contemporary Colored: Paintings, Blended Media Artwork and Assemblages,” Lawson’s solo show of 28 performs at Ohio Point out University’s Faculty  Club. The show is curated by Art Coordinator Lisa Craig Morton, who has been next the younger artist’s operates for about 10 many years.

By day, Lawson functions as a judicial assistant in the Franklin County Municipal Court docket but at night in her East Facet house, the self-taught 39-year-previous can make art.

When she was a kid, Lawson’s mom ran an art application for youngsters at the Ohio Avenue United Methodist Church, bringing in African American artists such as Aminah Robinson, Queen Brooks, Richard Duarte Brown and Gilda Edwards — all of whom, Lawson stated, impressed her.

“Around the Way, USA”  by Tiffany Lawson

The identical sort of color, vibrancy and storytelling traits that are popular in the is effective of those artists can be seen in Lawson’s parts, especially her big, a few-panel collage, “Around the Way, United states.” This energetic avenue scene captures the neighborhood where she grew up with a wide range of elements — magazine clippings, doll materials, tree twigs, acrylic paint and a foundation of brown paper luggage whose handles can be viewed at each individual end.