Even the entertainment world are hooked on ‘Big Jet TV’

It seems as if everyone is tuned into Big Jet TV today – including those from the world of entertainment.

The YouTube channel has built a steady following over the last few years by live-streaming moving aircraft, captured on cameras set up on the perimeter of airports; its biggest audiences usually come during storms and other bad weather conditions.

Today (February 18), the channel went viral, hitting a record 200,000 concurrent live viewers – more than many British rolling news television channels receive – for its stream of planes struggling to land in strong winds caused by Storm Eunice at Heathrow airport.

A big part of Big Jet TV‘s appeal is the commentary of founder and host, Jerry Dyer, whose unfiltered and excitable delivery often hears him praise pilots and ground teams for their hard work and expertise in landing the aircraft safely in difficult conditions, and screech with delight when a pilot pulls off a challenging landing.

As one wobbling Air Algiers flight approached the Heathrow runway this morning, Dyer shouted over the wind: “I think this guy’s gonna struggle. He’s all over the place. Here we go, here we go. Easy, easy. He’s down!”

Using expressions like: “bosh”, “flippin’ heck”, “easy son”, “bang”, “injection 1000”, “whites in their eyes”, Dyer has been a welcomed source of entertainment – so much so that a number of news networks reached out to him for an interview during his commentary today, with some of the phone calls from guest bookers heard in the background of Big Jet TV‘s broadcast.

Many from the world of entertainment have also voiced their appreciation for Dyer and the rest of the Big Jet TV team.

“Today’s distraction from being productive: Big Jet TV,” Nick Grimshaw tweeted, while actor Alistair Green wrote: “Big moment for the jet tv guy at Heathrow airport. With the right agent could end up with a podcast and a book deal like Jackie weaver, or a photoshoot for Gucci like the tiktok train guy. But if his battery dies it’s all over. Let’s see. 💰”

This Is Going To Hurt author Adam Kay added: “GLUED to Big Jet TV. The poor pilots, crew and passengers landing just now. I need a complimentary Bloody Mary to get through just watching it.”

The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess tweeted: “Spotify have just bought Big Jet TV for 300 million dollars,” alluding to the streaming platform’s penchant to quickly sign up anything popular in mainstream culture – namely the controversial Joe Rogan podcast.

You can see more social media reactions to Big Jet TV – including some from a selection of big named brands – below:

Meanwhile, The O2 in London has suffered significant damage to its roof following high winds caused by Storm Eunice.

The storm has already caused severe disruption and damage to numerous part of the UK today, with the Met Office issuing a red warning for wind – the highest level – for London, the South East and parts of the east of England.

Winds caused by the adverse weather have now shredded parts of the white-domed roof of The O2, which is located near Greenwich in south-east London.