Minister Crocker Congratulates 2023 Arts and Letters Award Winners

The Honourable Steve Crocker, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation, congratulates all winners and nominees of the 71st annual Arts and Letters Awards Program. The award ceremony took place at The Rooms this past weekend (Friday, April 14).

First launched in 1952, the Arts and Letters Awards Program is a renowned provincial program that encourages artistic creation and recognizes excellence through the awarding of monetary prizes, along with the opportunity for adjudication, to both emerging and established artists. Original creative work in literature, music, visual art, and media arts are eligible for submission annually.

This year, prizes totaling $43,650 were awarded in literary, music, visual arts, and media arts sections. There were 29 winning entries in the Junior Division and 32 winning entries in the Senior Division. A total of 520 entries were submitted for consideration for the 2023 program.

The Percy Janes First Novel Award, the program’s top prize of $2,500, was awarded to Malcolm Kempt of Green’s Harbour for his manuscript “Nightfall.”

A detailed list of award recipients can be found in the backgrounder below. More information on the program and submission guidelines can be found here.

“Since 1952, the annual Arts and Letters Awards Program has encouraged and celebrated the accomplishments of artists with diverse backgrounds, experience, cultures and traditions. Artistic expression is a vital contributor to our province’s cultural landscape and is a recognized promoter of vitality and wellness. Congratulations to this year’s winners and entrants and thank you for your contribution to the creation and continued evolution of art in Newfoundland and Labrador.”
Honourable Steve Crocker
Minister of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation


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2023 Arts and Letters Awards Recipients


Junior Poetry
($350 prize) Adjudicators: Mohamed Madiou, Nellie Strowbridge, Linda Coles

Jacob Rose I can do it
Bailey Bennett Death Calls
Sofia Butler Escape
Awsten Goodyear Dysphoria
Jade Collins You Aren’t Trying Hard Enough
Holly Fillier Intercalative Dolour
Dakota Squires Change Our Ending
Ashley Chippett What Does it Mean to be a Woman

Junior Prose
($350 prize) Adjudicators: Debbie Robins, Dane Gill

Connor Keefe Love and Magic
Ava Hodder Plagued Promise
Lillian Carter Swinging
Ayla Orbasli Don’t Go There!
Emma Troake The Fight
Megan Smith Iris
Kathleen O’Rourke Living in a Dead Girl’s Diary
Maurizio Hunter Barberio Eternal Darkness

 Junior French Literary
($350 prize) Adjudicator: Jeremy Pommier

Junior Music
($350 prize) Adjudicators: Stephanie Bowring, Rosemary Lawton

Max Steffen Predictable
Darcy Scott Your Name
Francis Kennedy Darla
Summer Bennett Lightning

 Junior Visual Art
($350 prize) Adjudicators: Rachel Gilbert, Kelly Bruton

Emily Miller Untitled
Elisabeth Sheppard Little White House
Sierra Kennedy How did we get Here?
Chloe Regular A Bountiful Quest
Alida Zedel All That Eye Can See
Julia Cole Faerie Trap
Kanto Ratsimandresy Agathe
Zora Maskova Fish Spotted


Senior Poetry
($1,000 prize) Adjudicators: Heather Nolan, Charis Cotter

Douglas Walbourne-Gough Now is Not the Time
Nancy Shepherd Bragg Over There
Craig Francis Power Walking My Three Year Old To Nanny’s Place, Easter Sunday 2017
Sharon King-Campbell Untitled #48; February 10, 2022

Senior Short Fiction
($1,000 prize) Adjudicators: Willow Kean, Samanda Stroud

Emma Cole Shards
Ian Foster Hang in There
Molly Clarke Roadkill
Khadija Rehma What Could Have Been

Senior Nonfiction
($1,000 prize) Adjudicator: Terry Doyle

Andreae Callanan Can’t Help But Notice
Connie Boland Memories are Like Shrapnel
Natalie Dalton All the Things I did not Know and Wouldn’t Have Believed Anyway

Senior Dramatic Script
($1,000 prize) Adjudicator: Jennifer Deon

Alexa Jerrett “Seal’s Kin”
Michelle T Clemens Show Down

Senior French Literary
($1,000 prize) Adjudicator: Jeremy Pommier

Percy Janes First Novel Award
($2,500 prize) Adjudicator: Michelle Butler Hallett

 Senior Music
($1,000 prize) Adjudicators: Stephanie Bowring, Rosemary Lawton

Zach Dalley Subterranean
Jake Nicoll Asking for Forgiveness
Lorna Lovell Come Home
Ian Foster Gossamer

 Senior Media Arts
($1,000 prize) Adjudicator: Anna Wheeler

Melissa Wong The Boulevard’s Black and White Ghost

Senior Visual Art
($1,000 prize) Adjudicators: Rose Bouthillier, Janice Hertel, Michelle Bush

Melissa Putt Capturing the Afternoon Sunlight
Michelle Churchill The Fury
Anastasia Tiller Levitating in Reverie
Nicolas (Nick) Kokis The Cat Who Leaps at Butterflies
Olivia Stacey Fireweed Jelly
Kelly Bastow Sunset Saunter
Ellen Power Among the Sandbanks
Marie Lugli A study of time and place, 2022
Kendall Sweeney Reminders of Sunday
Jennifer Bautista Still Waters
Frank Barry The Wound
Joshua Mack Birds Foraging off Cape Spear


2023 04 17
1:15 pm