Photography Influencer Samuel Oluwagbemiga Is Stealing Images Taken by Ladies

On LinkedIn, Samuel Oluwagbemiga is a manufacturer photographer, a digital and remote photographer, and a storyteller who is inspiring some others to choose up virtual images and get paid in foreign currencies across the environment – a brand which would have been practically nothing shorter of aspirational if it was not a bogus lie.

What is legitimate is that Oluwagbemiga has been declaring copyright more than pictures belonging to other photographers to go himself off as a virtual photographer, misleading his unsuspecting viewers into paying out him to train them about digital and distant images or contracting him for a virtual picture session.

Samuel Oluwagbemiga’s digital photography course flyer, built with shots of other photographers which he is claiming copyright to

About a month in the past, Oluwagbemiga posted shots of Chef Enjoy who, in accordance to him, was Nigerian and resident in the United Kingdom. He claimed that the pictures were being a consequence of just one of his digital photography periods shot applying his cellular phone and even posted a snapshot of messages exchanged in between him and the reported consumer.

“Chef Adore (a Nigerian), who resides in the Uk, had her very first digital session with me for her model, and she’s yet to get more than the encounter. She was so amazed at how straightforward it was to get her photographs taken from a length, though I was at my conclusion creating clean up and authentic virtual shots. And looking at the remaining impression, she couldn’t convey to the variation,” Oluwagbemiga wrote on his LinkedIn website page.

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Chef Love's* response to Oluwagbemiga, as seen on Oluwagbemiga's LinkedIn page
Chef Love’s* response to Oluwagbemiga, as noticed on Oluwagbemiga’s LinkedIn web site

FIJ found that the man or woman in problem was not Chef Like but Sandra Brooks, a scientific psychologist who championed plant-dependent diet, and she was photographed by Meg Marie, a San Diego-primarily based brand name photographer.

Meg Marie, the photographer who took Sandra Brook’s photos

In the same way, in a further LinkedIn submit, he claimed to have shot ‘Valerie’ for her birthday, but it was in simple fact a photograph of Tina Barr, a Ukrainian actress and journalist, which was shot by Nastya Boreiko, a woman Ukrainian photographer skillfully recognized as photobypinkfox, who had the image pinned on her Instagram website page.

Oluwagbemiga also had Barr’s photos as just one of his pinned photos on Instagram.

Put up by unique photographer, photobypinkfox

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There had been also images of before long-to-be-wed couples Shelby Alvarez and Fabian taken by Utah wedding photographer Mady, alias, and a spouse and children photoshoot taken by BreAnne Weston, a Utah-primarily based photographer, which Oluwagbemiga claimed to have shot virtually.

Put up by authentic photographer,

Oluwagbemiga's post claiming ownership of BreAnne Weston's photos
Oluwagbemiga’s submit professing ownership of BreAnne Weston’s photographs
Put up by unique photographer, BreAnne Weston

FIJ found that Oluwagbemiga only lifted pics shot by feminine photographers, amid whom were being Aubrey Burman, a Michigan-primarily based wedding ceremony and model photographer whose Instagram pinned image he claimed to possess Utah photographers Hannah Mack, Breanne Weston, and Mady and San Diego photographer Meg Marie.

Oluwagbemiga's LinkedIn post claiming to have remotely shot photos taken by Aubrey Burman
Oluwagbemiga’s LinkedIn post declaring to have remotely shot photographs taken by Aubrey Burman

FIJ contacted Oluwagbemiga via WhatsApp for feedback on our conclusions, and he admitted to getting the images from Instagram, including that he had provided because of credit rating.

“All these pictures ended up afterwards specified credit rating that they are from Instagram. And all images I snapped, I have it in my portfolio on the application shot practically (sic).”

FIJ confirmed that Oluwagbemiga had nonetheless to accept any of the authentic photographers on his LinkedIn posts or confess that the illustrations or photos he claimed to have had been taken from Instagram.

Individuals pictures were being continue to on Oluwagbemiga’s LinkedIn and Instagram internet pages at press time.