Review: Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap at Shambles Theatre

The Rotorua Minor Theatre Society’s production of The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie has already experienced a several bought-out evenings. Photo / Willi Werner

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap is into its 70th West Close calendar year.

Bookings are open right up until September 2024, when they’ll unquestionably be extended still once again and then yet again.

So what is it about the Queen of Crime’s enduring traditional that helps make it these types of a theatre stalwart?

There’s no need to take a very long-haul flight to solve the mystery.


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Head as an alternative to our have Shambles Theatre where, as two excellently executed acts attain their climax, all will be discovered.

Director Richard Rugg is a Rotorua Tiny Theatre (RLT) previous master of Christie productions. The Mousetrap would make it a three-peat.

The Mousetrap cast during rehearsals. Photo / Craig Blank
The Mousetrap solid all through rehearsals. Photo / Craig Blank

Three of the cast of 8 are also Christie previous fingers.

Helene Nicholson, Ashton Kusabs and Ian Stabler gained applause for their roles in RLT’s 2021′s Witness for the Prosecution. This time round Stabler can take on the persona of ex army key Metcalf.

Nicholson plays Mollie Ralston, Kusabs is her husband Giles. They operate the snowed-in visitor property in which the plot is set.

Sharing the stage are the suspiciously named, self-proclaimed architect Christopher Wren (Matthew Sheard), the fault-finding Mrs Boyle (Rachael Bell), the aloof Overlook Casewell (Kim Chapman) and the decidedly oddball Mr Paeravicini (Steve Fisher). All have the finger of suspicion pointed at them.

Detective Sergeant Trotter (Alasdair Hay), who skis in to crack the situation, is executing the pointing as Three Blind Mice performs eerily in the qualifications.

A killer is in their midst, He (or is it a she?) has murdered as soon as. Will they strike again?

To reveal additional would be the final spoiler.

It normally takes a collectively proficient cast to pull off a whodunnit of this calibre. Our household-grown aspiration workforce have succeeded in spades

With a operate of only a few of weeks as opposed to London’s 7 decades, and with tickets in hot need, time is of the essence.

It would be a felony act to skip out.

What you will need to know:

The Engage in: The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

Who: Director Richard Rugg, Solid from the Rotorua Minor Theatre Society

Where by: Rotorua’s Shambles Theatre

When: June 11 to June 24

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