Sampha provides transcendent vocals at the Howard Theatre

On Sunday night, Sampha’s next offered-out demonstrate at the Howard Theatre began with what sounded like dispatches from the cosmos. Fittingly, the London-born singer-producer took his spot behind a notebook and keyboard in the center of 4 bandmates behind different items of equipment, significantly less a conductor and additional the captain of a musical USS Company.

But even though his lyrics are at times set like a telescope on the skies and specified sonic accoutrements evoke science fiction soundscapes, Sampha put in his set centered on earthly problems, discovering transcendence as a result of his voice and the electricity of percussion.

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It was Sampha’s voice — soulful and calming, wounded and susceptible — that initial caught listeners’ notice around a decade in the past, 1st as a “Who is this!?” discovery on the boundary-pushing debut of English electronic audio producer SBTRKT, then as a sample that outshined the music on Drake’s album “Nothing Was the Same.”

In concert, the singer’s instrument is as finely tuned as it is on history, whether or not it be 2017’s Mercury Prize-profitable “Process” or the just-produced “Lahai,” with his distinct tone and phrasing intact. Whilst the capability crowd enable out cheers for some of his significantly breathtaking vibrato-whole operates, the D.C. audience was uncharacteristically hushed and respectful of the pauses and silences in his audio. But a lot more so than on his headphone-prepared albums, the reverberations of percussion — jittery, clattering, heartbeat-skipping and, at 1 point, taking the type of a drum circle — turned bodies into flesh-and-bone pinball machines.

As those beats shifted, warped and crescendoed, Sampha once in a while felt compelled to leave his perch and dance across the stage. The viewers, packed in elbow-to-elbow, experienced to suffice with small two-ways and head bobbing. No make any difference: As he sang on a deal with of Roy Davis Jr. and Peven Everett’s “Gabriel,” “Dancing before long turned a way to connect/ … Truly feel the audio deep in your soul.”

It’s the soul, not the corpus, in which Sampha’s music hits most difficult. His vocals and lyrics observed lifestyle-affirming attractiveness amid the cacophony, as he interrogated “sour and strained” relationships and reminisced about photos on mobile phone screens. In the course of, he remained a seeker making an attempt to rely on intuition alternatively than intellect: acknowledging the spots and people that he simply cannot go back again to although embracing the forces of character — mild, really like, spirit, religion — that he maintains will catch him, and us, in the stop.

“This vitality we trade is very exclusive,” the mainly reserved musician said just before ending his established. “My coronary heart is total.”

He soon returned for a solo encore of “Happens,” his fingers a whirlwind on the keys. “I really do not have the solutions, so I will not convey to you lies,” he sang. “… I found my appreciate and I don’t want to shed it once more.”