We don’t go to the videos for a historical past lesson, but shouldn’t Napoleon at minimum be entertaining? | Rowan Moore

To the laments of navy historians about the accuracy of Ridley Scott’s film Napoleon, a single could incorporate some about the architecture. Christopher Wren’s Royal Naval School in Greenwich will get digitally spliced with classical architecture from France and Malta, so they all look as if they are in the identical location, while Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire will get to represent both equally Paris and Moscow.

But this sort of problems miss out on the place. The movie is enjoyment – to hope factual precision is like going to Macbeth for an insightful lecture on Scottish historical past. And, as in any lavishly developed time period drama, there’s a challenge with the fourth wall: even if the costumes and configurations and turns of phrase were absolutely of their time, this sort of authenticity would nonetheless jar with the recognition that it is recorded with point out-of-the-artwork, 21st-century technological know-how.

Objections could be much more usefully directed at the film’s lifeless dialogue, the lack of depth or development in the people, the neck-cricking tempo with which momentous functions are taken care of (Borodino in about a minute) and some pointless addenda (Napoleon both witnesses the execution of Marie-Antoinette and fulfills a mummified pharaoh). When it comes to spectacular top quality, however, my analogy with Shakespeare’s perform no longer applies.

Billionaire of minor mind

Elon Musk looking serious with his hands clasped in front of him
‘It’s a aspect of up to date lifestyle that a bit of acumen receives grotesquely over-rewarded.’ Previously mentioned, Elon Musk. Photograph: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

I’m organized to believe that Elon Musk has enterprise techniques that I don’t have, which is why he’s richer than I am. And that Jacob Rees-Mogg experienced some awareness of financial investment banking that helped him receive his sizeable prosperity. But are these people today truly these kinds of geniuses as to be respectively worthy of $223bn and a lot more than £100m?

It is a function of contemporary daily life that a bit of acumen will get grotesquely about-rewarded, which would make the beneficiaries really feel substantially smarter than they are, and so entitled to impose their awful tips on other people. See also Nigel Farage and Arron Banking companies, the two rich beyond their clear skills. Or in truth the several people today of my era who, possessing been lucky more than enough to get homes at the dawn of an age of dwelling price inflation, are in excess of-inclined to attribute their fortuitous prosperity to their personal brilliance.

Watching Musk very last week, as he explained to previous advertisers on X to “go fuck yourselves”, was yet another reminder of the tenuous connection involving money and brains.

Testicle reprieved?

Architect’s impression of City Hall with leafy terraces
The architects Gensler envisage the greening of London’s former City Hall. Photograph: St Martins Property Investments

I have combined thoughts about Metropolis Hall, the Norman Foster-made making that from 2002 to 2021 was the seat of London’s mayor and the Greater London Authority. Obtaining witnessed the flawed method by which it was made, I know what went into this individual sausage.

It was going to be a bland, speculative workplace block, until finally it was belatedly determined that the seat of London’s democratic govt really should in some way be “iconic”. Its design and style obtained the unusual ovoid form that prompted Ken Livingstone to connect with it a “glass testicle” and an inner spiral ramp over the debating chamber. This was intended to give the general public both equally inspiring sights of their town and the ability to search down on their representatives, as Foster experienced achieved at the Reichstag in Berlin, but right here fell foul of protection concerns and never worked as supposed.

When the Twentieth Century Culture started out campaigning for the building’s preservation, I located it really hard to be passionate in its defence. But it is absolutely a distinctive get the job done of its time and a piece of London’s heritage. So it’s excellent news that a approach has been introduced to maintain it, with a layout by the architects Gensler that would exchange that flawed ramp with leafy terraces, and soften its relatively glum flanks with greenery.

Rowan Moore is the Observer’s architecture critic

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