William Morris blown glass on display screen at Hawk Galleries in Columbus

Rope bowl created by William Morris.

Will work in the latest clearly show at Hawk Galleries glance like artifacts from historic occasions and civilizations – tusks, bones, skulls, applications, vessels, and bowls with hieroglyphics. But they’re all blown glass created in current periods.

“William Morris: New Archival Treasures” presents 21 is effective by the renowned glass artist who retired at the age of 49 in 2007 to spend extra time with his great adore: mother nature. The “new” in the exhibit title refers to functions just produced for display screen from the artist’s selection.

All the works are glass, but are of these kinds of varied variety, design and subject they appear to have been developed by a team of artists, not just 1.

Petroglyphic vessel by William Morris

“Burial Urn” (1991) is a gold, textured vase with a cranium hidden within. “Anasazi Pot with Crow” (1991) is a squat amber and brown bowl topped by a black crow, all blown glass.

The large “Rope Bowl” (1987) is a horizontal, orange and yellow, wave-like vessel. There are two “Wall Panels” (2008, from the archives), just about every with an assemblage of blown glass animal heads, tusks, birds, beaks and resources.