Women’s Background Month: CounterPointe brings together visual art, dance in celebration of gals

NEW YORK — For Women’s Record Month, we turn the highlight on a task that brings together visible artwork and dance as artists from unique generations and backgrounds collaborate to carry 1 another.

Artist Sophia Chizuco and choreographer Sarah Marazzi-Sassoon ended up strangers 8 months in the past when they were being assigned to an experimental performance undertaking celebrating women of all ages.

“There is certainly very a big age variance involving us. It isn’t going to subject. We just both experienced a…” Marazzi-Sassoon reported.

“Yeah, a typical, typical interest,” Chizuco reported.

They found they share a really like of biology, so they made use of imagery of eggs. A baby impression is hidden in the costume worn by dancer Hannah Wineinger, whose interaction with the artwork suggests an organism coming to lifetime.

7 other teams put together operates for a a few-night time series of performances commencing March 11 at the Mark O’Donnell Theater in Brooklyn. It truly is termed “CounterPointe” — as in a ballet pointe shoe.

This project results in new prospects and partnerships for Women’s Historical past Month and past.

“I feel it really should be most months, truly. I think we should be celebrating the power of females much more months out of the yr,” Wineinger explained to CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Choreographer Julia Gleich launched CounterPointe in 2012.

“This is entirely a blind-date predicament, and they only get about two months to make jointly,” she claimed. “It can be wonderful, the details that is exchanged from one particular visual artist to one particular choreographer. They understand so much about each individual other.”

“You do not know what you happen to be obtaining into. You have not fulfilled the artist,” claimed choreographer Eryn Renee Young.

Youthful is partnered with artist Elizabeth Riley. The dancers wrap them selves in Riley’s artwork.

“It also has presented me a likelihood to see how visible art and choreography overlap,” Riley said.

To expand what is doable with both of those dance and visible artwork, these collaborators dig deep and look into the themes important to them.

“Remaining in a position to be susceptible at the similar time as becoming sturdy, I sense like that’s a whole lot of feminism,” choreographer Joan Liu stated.

“I imagine it provides a feeling of self-assurance to me and to the dancers as nicely,” artist Traci Johnson mentioned.

These girls say alongside one another their artwork and their spirits increase.

CounterPointe operates March 11-13 at the Mark O’Donnell Theater, which is at the Actors Fund Arts Middle on Schemerhorn Road in Brooklyn. For more details, click right here.